Vision Statement

Resourcing new ideas for connecting and enabling people to serve others in response to God’s amazing love.

The Serving Ministry Team is distinguished from the four other ministry teams by its focus on member service in three areas: to the congregation, the community outside Bethel, and to missions outside of our area. A Serving focus is fired by the Holy Spirit and by gratitude that we have been loved by Jesus and that we are consequently driven to extend his love and grace to others.

Jail Ministry – Madison Area Lutheran Council (MALC)

Bethel provides funding that supports a men’s and a women’s chaplain for the Dane County Jail. Funded through Madison Area Lutheran Council (MALC), Chaplain Christa brings spiritual and personal support to Dane County inmates. MALC’s Jail Ministry serves people in Dane County who are incarcerated, their families and communities. Our logo illustrates our mission. The

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Care Ministry

We are called to serve one another. Jesus tells us to love one another, stranger and neighbor. As a community, we support one another in the ups and downs of our journeys. We grow together in faith, nurturing every member of the body of Christ. In such a large congregation, it becomes even more important

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Women’s Ministry

Bethel’s Women’s Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for service and fellowship. All of the women of Bethel are welcome at any and all groups and activities in the women’s ministry. Women’s Ministry at Bethel will provide opportunities to strengthen the connections that women have with God, with their church and with each other. The Women’s Coordinating Council oversees

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Bethel Food Pantry

Bethel’s Food Pantry is a volunteer-led organization which operates completely off donated funds. The pantry is open Monday-Friday, Noon-3pm, and receives food deliveries from Second Harvest Foodbank on Thursday mornings. If you would like to help staff or stock the pantry or have questions about becoming a team member, please contact the Pantry Volunteer Coordinator by

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Homeless Support Services

Bethel Homeless Support Services strives to build meaningful relationships with homeless and at-risk individuals while fostering a safe, supportive, and accepting community that honors the dignity and self-respect of every person.

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Circle of Love

Since 2000, Bethel’s Circle of Love Project has sponsored children from a community center in Borodyanka, Ukraine, which is near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

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Puerto Rico Partnership

This year we will be celebrating 20 years of travel to Puerto Rico to work alongside members from our sister church in Dorado. Over the years we have had almost 200 people from Bethel Madison, and the Madison area, travel to Puerto Rico. We have expanded the size of their worship space, built an altar in the

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XYZ (eXtra Years of Zest) group is an interdenominational group that serves men and women who have reached their 55th birthday. The mission of XYZ is to strengthen our mutual faith in Jesus Christ and the bonds of friendship through fellowship and service. XYZ believes that life is a gift from God and that aging is a

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Areas of accountability include:

  • Development of goals and plans, plus a reporting structure, for all programs under its umbrella
  • Appoint action teams to do the work of the programs it oversees
  • Coordination and collaboration with other ministries and council
  • Empower members to direct their gifts to work in the church
  • Encourage and develop leadership within the team with education and training
  • Facilitate the development of new programs for serving
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