Worship Volunteers

Sunday morning volunteer worship teams are vital to providing a smooth-running and enjoyable worship service. Serving in one of these ministries can enrich your faith and connect you with other members.


Greeters are essential for providing a welcoming environment. They are stationed near the three entrances to greet newcomers and visitors. Our building is large and can be intimidating, having someone stationed at the door to assist people can be the difference as to whether someone visits us again.

There are always openings available on the greeter schedule. You can greet as often as you would like, even at your normal worship time. This is a good ministry for families to do together. Consider joining and sharing your smile! 🙂

Sanctuary Ushers

Bethel usher teams welcome individuals, couples, and family groups to serve in this vital ministry.

Typically an usher group is responsible for one Sunday a month. Group 1 ushers the first Sunday of the month. Group 2 ushers the second Sunday. Group 3 the third Sunday. Group 4 the fourth Sunday. The fifth Sundays are rotated between the groups. Christmas and Easter services are also rotated between the groups.

Usher duties include handing out bulletins, passing the offering baskets, ushering people forward for communion, and straightening up after the service. This important ministry is always looking for people and if you enjoy helping people, this is a great team to join!

Parking Lot Ushers

Parking Lot ushers typically commit to one Sunday a month. This is the best job at Bethel because you are the first to welcome people to worship! You use your helpful heart and friendly smile to direct cars to the marked spaces in the parking lot, assist anyone who needs assistance and ensure a smooth transition from the parking lot to the street.

The parking lot is intended for drop-offs, people with handicapped needs or mobility concerns, and visitors.

Sound Technician

Commitment is one Sunday per month. Sound ushers arrive 30 minutes before the service begins to perform sound checks and assist the pastors and the musicians with wireless mics.

All you need is a helpful heart and a willingness to learn a few basic elements of the soundboard. The best worship service ever isn’t any good if no one can hear it!

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild group typically serves one Sunday per month. Responsibilities include setting up the elements of wine and bread before service & clean up after services. Annually clean silver service and altar linens. This ministry does not require a large time commitment but is vital.

Cup Washers

Coffee is served in several places on Sunday mornings. Many coffee drinkers mean many cups to be washed. People are needed from 8:45-9:15am and 9:50-10:10am each Sunday morning. We do have a dishwasher so you don’t need to wash them by hand!

This is a great opportunity for a family to serve together! The commitment is 5-6 Sunday mornings a year.

Reception Desk

Commitment is one Sunday a month for 90 minutes. Your skills at customer service will assist people with questions they have during the morning. Your knowledge of the facility and events occurring throughout the week will be invaluable in answering questions. You will also answer the phone and direct the caller to the appropriate party or take a message. Consider sharing your smile!

Communion Assistant

Communion Assistants assist in distributing communion wine during the worship service. There are five groups that each have their own group leader to organize them. One group is assigned per month and the months rotate each year.

Communion is served every Sunday at the 7:30am, 9am, and 10:30am services. We kneel at the rails on the third Sunday at the 7:30am service.


Lectors read one lesson during the service. The lessons are emailed ahead of time so it can be reviewed to be familiar with. You can specify a specific service so you can read at the service you are used to going to. The 7:30am service is taped and telecast on TV.

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