Vision Statement:

Creating a culture of hospitality where we listen deeply to each other and our neighbors. Recognizing all people as created and loved by God. Devoted to learning, fellowship and prayer.

The Community Ministry Team is the center for welcome and hospitability initiatives that attract and engage new members and groups to Bethel and nurture the Christian community. This ministry team will support outreach to the urban community around Bethel and create a welcoming environment for those members that are looking for a home to find spiritual growth and fellowship experience.

New Members

Making Bethel Your Spiritual Home

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Short-term and long-term Volunteer Opportunities are available and helping hands of all ages are welcome.

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Groups that are coordinated by the Community Team are:

Areas of accountability are:

  • Initiate new membership programs
  • Develop outreach programs
  • Create a welcoming environment towards Bethel members as well as towards visitors, potential new members and groups that Bethel invites to is facilities
  • Integrate new members into church life and activities
  • Support volunteer recruitment

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