Puerto Rico Partnership

This year we will be celebrating 20 years of travel to Puerto Rico to work alongside members from our sister church in Dorado. Over the years we have had almost 200 people from Bethel Madison, and the Madison area, travel to Puerto Rico. We have expanded the size of their worship space, built an altar in the chapel at camp, built a security wall around the parking lot, painted homes of several people within the community, and many more projects were completed. We built strong friendships with their church members and hope to continue for many more years to come.

Click here to see just how much this mighty little church has stepped up for the community after Hurricane Maria. On September 20, 2017, Maria took a toll on the people in this little town. With the help of our members, here in Madison, we were able to help Pastor Ivette supply food, water, and other necessary items to members of the small community of Maguayo. These men and women worked daily, from sun up to sun down, never tiring of helping their neighbors. Once again, the need is great. Even though the homes are being restored, many are suffering mentally. Bethel Dorado is working hard to give everyone, member or not, much needed help.

After this aired on the local news stations, the call was greater than ever. Pastor Ivette has increased the number of classes and sessions for the people in her community. The teachers and doctors are volunteering their time and talents. Once again, we are hoping you will find it in your heart to help us to give a little more to help with this cause. For your convenience, we have envelopes (blue) in the Reception area at Bethel where you can give cash or checks. Each envelope is labeled from $1 to $100; simply take an envelope, place your donation inside, and give it to the receptionist. All monies will be combined and a check will be mailed to Bethel Dorado to disperse to the volunteers for their time. If you would like to mail a check, please note in the memo section ‘Bethel Dorado’.

Our 2020 Mission/Friendship trip to Puerto Rico will be February 11-18. If you are interested in joining us, you can download an application below, or you can pick one up in the Reception area. For those of you who traveled in the past, or don’t think you could work for a full week, we would like to invite you to join us for a long weekend. The mayor (who is forever indebted to Pastor Ivette) has arranged for us to have a space for a 20-year celebration of friendships. The date will be Friday, February 14. Dorado has some lovely motels and the beautiful Embassy Suites are also ten minutes from the church. You could see where we work and get to know the lovely people from our sister church community.

Contact: Sandy Ripp at sripp@chorus.net or 608.798.2413

Puerto Rico Mission Trip Application

A personal message from Pastor Ivette (video)

A message from Pastor Ivette – How to do Ministry in Times of Crisis (pdf)

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