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We now accept several electronic payment options. However, processing fees charged to your church as the recipient are vastly different. Some options charge larger fees for the transfer of funds than others. Listed below are the best value options for Bethel to process in order (least expensive to most expensive):

Realm Online Giving

Realm Online Giving is a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift—weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, and your gift is deposited into Bethel’s bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account—at no cost to you. Form to Send to Bethel

ACH or Electronic Check

ACH or Electronic check set up just once directly from your bank account – then it’s flexible in timing and amounts

Credit / Debit Cards

Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and most expensive for Bethel to process American Express)

Payment for events and registrations via cards would be the most encouraged to continue or begin, as there is the chance to build in the higher processing fees into the published amount due.

We also accept checks, money orders, and cash. Please use your offering envelopes so that we can assign proper/accurate charitable contribution credit for your gifts in support of your church.

Thank you for your support!

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