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Canyon Scholars is an international program that originated at Bethel and now has sponsors throughout the United States, Canada, and in Australia. Since its inception in 2000, 564 youth have participated, and are participating, so that we now have university graduates, one of whom as a lawyer received an award from the Mexican government for her advocacy work on behalf of the Tarahumara Indians. Canyon Scholars is concrete evidence of the global influence of Bethel.

How can I help?
Canyon Scholars is a unique family/student/community self-help program. It offers opportunities to help families in the Copper Canyon of Mexico continue the education of their children beyond elementary school. Scholarships are provided through individual relationships between sponsors and children to defray the costs of uniforms, books, and school materials that they otherwise would be unable to afford. The sponsors receive letters and school reports from their students. The students receive payments to purchase specific items for which they provide receipts as they learn how to handle money. Their parents receive support through group meetings and assistance in developing gardens and sustainable agriculture. Canyon Scholars also offers community development opportunities in the form of specific projects, such as a greenhouse for a school, an outdoor community sports court, and water containment facilities for individual families.

Canyon Scholars is managed and operated completely by volunteers in the United States and Mexico. One-hundred percent of contributed funds go directly to students, families, and projects involved in the program.

You can support a junior high or senior high child by the donating options below.

Annual scholarships:
Junior High – $150 (roughly $4 a week)
Senior High – $200 (roughly $5 a week)

More Information can be found here:

Canyon Scholars
1234 Dartmouth Rd
Madison, WI 53705

Your Contact for Questions:
Jack Westman

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