Madison Homeless Resource Guide

This Madison Homeless Resource Guide was compiled by Tami Fleming and done in cooperation with many Homeless Service Consortium Agencies and Advocates.  It is intended to help any and all first responders find the information they may need to assist a homeless individual or family immediately from a smartphone or computer.  If you would like to add or change the information included in this resource guide, please email: Thank you!

Dane County Homeless Resources

A comprehensive list of Dane County resources on homelessness can be found on this website.

How to Be an Ally for LGBTQ+ Experiencing Homelessness

Read how to be an Ally

College Help for Students Experiencing Homelessness features resources for prospective and current students to cover all topics from applying to college to staying healthy to landing a job after graduation. Recognizing the increasing number of homeless college students, their team has put together a comprehensive guide to navigating the higher education system while homeless.

  • An overview of the homeless student population
  • Information on finding local resources
  • Information on addressing immediate needs (housing, food, and healthcare)

The guide can be found here:

Internet Options for Students on Low Income

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