Get involved!

Volunteer with Homeless Support Services

Tuesdays & Thursdays; 8:30am-4:30pm

All are welcome to volunteer with us! Whether you’re retired, looking to give back to your community, experiencing homelessness, wanting to keep busy, need community service hours, whatever your reason…this is a great opportunity for all!

Choose from one (or more) of the following Volunteer Roles:

  • Receptionist
    • Sit at the desk and welcome patrons as they enter BHSS
    • Refer individuals to reference materials (pamphlets/handouts)
    • Share announcements or special events
    • Acknowledge new faces and direct them to program coordinators
  • Computer Lab Assistant
    • Assist people with computer use – Printing, email, resumes, applications, forms, etc.​
    • Supervise the computer lab and alert program coordinators to any behavioral issues
    • Dispense resources from the file cabinet
    • Requires proficient computer skills
  • Clothing Room Attendant
    • Sort and organize clothing and hygiene donations
    • Requires organization skills and attention to detail
  • Kitchen Assistant
    • Help prepare lunch
    • Beverage preparation
    • Dishes​
  • Custodian
    • Maintain a clean atmosphere during the day
    • Afternoon clean-up (around 2-4pm)
    • Sweep, mop, clean tables
    • Requires ability to self-manage and prioritize tasks
  • Shelter Advocate
    • Socialize with program participants
    • Provide companionship and build relationships
    • Requires a positive attitude and good communication skills, as well as adherence to BHSS’s basic principles (outlined in Volunteer Orientation Guide)

If you have any special interests or talents to share with us or have any other volunteering ideas, absolutely let us know. We are always open to suggestions!

Contact Bev Thom for more information on being a volunteer!

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