Christian Men’s Fellowship

Christian Men’s Fellowship is for men who are retired. It meets the first and third Tuesdays, September to June. Coffee is served and a time for visiting starts at 10:30am. At 11am, we begin with brief devotions, followed by a short business meeting. Next follows a 45 minute program on timely topics led by special guest presenters. Lunch is served at Noon, and the cost is $6. The annual membership fee is just $10.

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Our 2019 Fall Schedule

Our 2019 Fall Schedule

1st & 3rd Tues of the month at 10:30am in Borgwardt Hall

OCTOBER 15: Future Shock
The book of Revelation is full of shocking images, phrases, and ideas. But perhaps most shocking of all, according to Pastor Mike, is the book’s central meaning. Rather than a hell, fire, and brimstone book full of condemnation and punishment, the book of Revelation is one of the most reassuring, hopeful, and encouraging books of the entire Bible. Join us for a fresh hopeful read of an old frightful (for some) story.

Pastor Mike Brown, Bethel’s new Lead Pastor, grew up in Odessa, Texas, a land that is dry, desolate, and hot. West Texas is known for oil production, High School football, booze, and fire-breathing Southern Baptists. Hell, fire and damnation was their message. Revelation was their club. It took Pastor Mike several years of studying the book to really hear what God was saying through it.

NOVEMBER 5: Flying in the Shadow War
Jack Poulson is a member of Bethel. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a Madison resident. He enjoys travel and golf. He worked as an appraiser (both industrial and real estate) his whole working life. Jack and his wife Lori spent 7.5 years in Italy and 3 years in England running a subsidiary of American Appraisal Company which was headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.  Flying in the Shadow War is based on a DVD video of the experience in the Air Force and time during the Vietnam War as a Chinese linguist. He was a member of the 6988th Security Squadron which flew missions in C-130 aircraft listening to the Chinese Air Force. The DVD follows four years of Air Force service including Chinese language training at Yale University, training for ground and air intercept of Chinese aircraft and the actual flying of missions out of Japan and Danang, Vietnam. The video is approximately 1 hour in length with time for questions at the end.

NOVEMBER 19: Do You Still Have All Your Marbles?”
Jim Stephenson, retired Waunakee educator, coach, Scouter, and collector of “all things” will tell us about the unusual hobby of marble collecting, among others.  Did you know that there is a “Marble Club” that meets regularly to view, trade, buy & sell marbles or just admire the collections of others?  Do the marbles you have hidden in a drawer somewhere have real value?  Bring them to this presentation and find out.  You may strike it rich!  Or, you may have just an old marble.  Jim has also collected many Indian artifacts from walking the plowed fields around Waunakee.  He has been president of the Badger Marble Club for over 20 years.  Come and learn about Jim’s passion for collecting.

DECEMBER 3: What’s New With the Boy Scouts of America
Glacier’s Edge Council Executive Alex Tymes returns to the Fellowship to discuss the state of Boy Scouting in the nation and in southern Wisconsin. Boy Scouting has had a year of challenges and changes. There have been allegations of youth abuse going back many years. Girls are now a part of the Scouting program. Learn how these issues have affected and influenced the programs of the oldest youth organization in the world with special attention to the very successful local Scouting program.

DECEMBER 17: Christmas in Song
Keeping with the tradition of ending the Fellowship Fall semester with Christmas music, we welcome the return of the Bethel Victory Choir, Gary Lewis and Lori Poulson. Come and experience the wonderful music of the season presented by our own talented Bethel Members. Come prepared to lend your own voice to the season’s celebration!

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