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A Table for 3 Generations

A Table for 3 Generations is an effort to increase connection and community between all ages of the Bethel congregation.

What is it?
People who register to be part of Table for 3 Generations will be randomly placed in a cross generational group of 8-12 people (2-4 households) who will agree to meet together for a meal three times during the next year. 

Who can participate?
We’re looking for singles, grandparents, new members, confirmation families, empty nesters, single parent families, anyone and everyone. The goal of Table for 3 Generations is: to forge new relationships between adults, teens, and children; to integrate new members into the congregation; and to find new ways to nurture one another through a deepening, Christian connection.

Where will they meet to eat?
The “Table” groups will meet in homes. The members can rotate between homes or not as the group members decide. Group members can bring different assigned dishes, bring potluck, or share responsibilities in any way that works for the group.

When will the groups meet?
Each Table for 3 Generations should dine together once between August and Thanksgiving, again between Thanksgiving and Lent, and finally between March and June. Members of each group will set their own dates and times so as to meet the needs of all the members of that particular group.

What do I have to do to join?

  • Register below.  You will be placed in a group.
  • Come with your calendar to an organizational meeting where you’ll divide up food responsibilities and/or volunteer to host.
  • Show up for all 3 meals.
  • Have fun! Talk to folks. Get to know some new friends of different ages

Contact the Nurturing Ministry Team at nurturing@bethel-madison.org.

The Nurturing Ministry Team is specifically focused upon nurturing faith in youth and family. The focus of this team is devoted to learning, fellowship and prayer through multiple avenues including social events, educational opportunities, and outreach/serving opportunities. Principal function and accountability of Nurturing Ministry Team is to establish short and long-term goals for continuing, Christ centered, opportunities for all ages.


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