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Jesus Loves You, Walk with him in Stewardship

Dear Bethel Community,

Quite a milestone – 500 years! As we celebrate the anniversary of Martin Luther’s bold actions, it’s hard not to wonder what the Lutheran church will look like 500 years from now. Who will be bold enough in the years and decades ahead to proclaim their faith in such a manner?

What about Bethel Lutheran Church – what will we look like in 500 years?  What will we look like next year? Over this past year, members of Bethel went through a soul-searching self-appraisal and designed a road map for revitalization. We want to continue the Bethel we know on a realistic but secure foundation and we want to have the resources needed to take our church in its new direction.

At this time, we invite you to prayerfully consider how you fit into Bethel’s future and what you can contribute to making next year a success.

But why is next year any different than any other year?

We will soon be embarking on the point in our journey to call a new lead pastor and other pastoral staff.  A new pastoral staff needs the assurance that they will have the support to provide spiritual leadership and the finances to take on new challenges. While we call attention to stewardship and financial giving at this time, we invite you to think of stewardship (of our time, talents and treasures) as on-going, not just something that happens once a year. 

Included in this mailing is a card where you can indicate your Plan for Support for next year’s ministry spending plan. We ask that you give generously to support Bethel’s ministries next year and set the stage for a bright future. In lieu of completing the enclosed Plan for Support card, you may also use our online tool.

The Bethel website lists the various ways you may make gifts to support the ministry spending plan. In addition to cash, checks, or stock gifts, we again offer several methods of Online (electronic) Giving. This year we are introducing Text to Give

We want to walk with you, not just as members of Bethel’s Financial Resource Team, but as part of a thriving community. Know that Jesus loves you, walk with him!

The Financial Resources Team

Paul Aspinwall, Gary Hertel, Sigrid Knuti, Alice Mowbray, Ron Opelt, Tim Semmann, Greg Smith, Anna Spiekerman, and Laura Vogel

“The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it;
for he has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers. Psalm 24:1-2

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Serving all and God’s world

At Bethel, an outpouring of mission and service are the natural response to the grace and mercy we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.

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Celebrating Over 160 Years

In 1853, Rev. H.A. Preus rode into Madison by horse to lead the first worship at Bethel.

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Loving One Another through faith, community and care

This is our life of discipleship, fellowship and care.  All of those ministries are in this section.

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Living Lives of Worship and Praise

Our life is focused in praise of God. Everything around our worship life is in this section.