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MILWAUKEE 53206 Documentary
February 17; 10am

Donald Driver, one of our favorite Packer players, tells us in his autobiography that he grew up in Texas in a community where drug dealing and car theft were the way to compensate for extreme poverty and lack of other options. Donald, known as Quickie, sold drugs and stole cars starting in elementary school, and continued while he was in college. The woman whom he would later marry persuaded him to give up selling drugs, and also to not finance family members who were in that business. Had he not chosen to abide by her wishes, he may well have ended up arrested, and incarcerated under the Truth in Sentencing laws that have unfairly targeted men of color with very long sentences.  

Over 20 years ago, Bethel Lutheran Church joined with a number of other southern Wisconsin churches to provide support for a mission church in the central area of Milwaukee. Since then, Hephatha Lutheran Church, located within zip code 53206, has grown in number of members, and in outreach and service to the community. The children in the Hephatha neighborhood grow up in a community like Donald Driver’s in which drug dealing and other crime is just another kind of job.

 The film “Milwaukee 53206” chronicles the harsh reality of those living in the 53206 zip code, from  which a very high proportion of African American men are incarcerated for a very long time. In the film, we are introduced to family members of those affected, and can see the destructive effect this situation can have both on families and on the communities to which they belong.

This film will be shown on Feb 17 in Borgwardt Hall at 10:10am, presented by Caring for Social Justice, and supported by a grant from XYZ. Movie time is 55 min. A short discussion will follow.

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