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Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit: Creating Inclusion and Reducing Bias Workshop
Saturday, March 2; 1:30-4:30pm

Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit: Creating Inclusion and Reducing Bias Workshop

A Bethel Caring for Social Justice sponsored Workshop

Presented by: Patricia G. Devine, Ph.D. and William T. L. Cox, Ph.D.
Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019       
Time: 1:30-4:30pm
Location: Borgwardt Hall, Bethel Lutheran Church, Madison, WI

  • No Cost but Registration Required due to limited seating.
  • Free will offering accepted
  • Free childcare available 
  • Community participation encouraged

People can act biased without realizing it. We unconsciously acquire attitudes, beliefs or behaviors – prejudices, stereotypes, discriminatory practices – that interfere with interpersonal and intergroup relations. 

Vulnerable to bias…who, ME?

This workshop is based on the idea that bias is a habit. And like all habits, it can be broken. That’s a good thing 

Based on Dr. Patricia Devine’s pioneering research (1989) into developing strategies to diminish bias and promote diversity. The results achieved by Drs. Devine and Cox are scientifically based – shown experimentally to produce lasting bias-reducing effects. Their research has investigated the multiple sources and factors influencing the development and durability of stereotypes and prejudice. 

Behavioral change can occur if participants invest in the habits of change the workshop outlines. 

  • Motivation to address personal bias 
  • Awareness:  Recognition and labeling of biased thinking
  • Strategies to confront unwanted, non-inclusive habits
  • Practice:  Effort over time 

Learn how bias is spread and how to make unconscious patterns conscious and intentional. All are invited to learn with us eye-opening insights in a self-discovery journey toward a more welcoming, inclusive community.

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Patricia G. Devine, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Devine (sSite) has been a social psychology professor at UW-Madison since 1985, and is internationally recognized as an eminent expert in the scientific study of stereotyping, prejudice, and intergroup relations. The very notion of “implicit bias” or “unintentional bias” originated in her early work (Devine, 1989; cited 6279 times). Devine conceptualizes prejudice reduction as a process of “breaking the prejudice habit,” which requires awareness and concern about bias and one’s own role in perpetuating bias, motivation to overcome bias, and tools to aid or guide one’s efforts to reduce bias. Whereas previous models of prejudice suggested that prospects for true change were dim, Devine’s model offers encouraging prospects for true reductions in prejudice.

William T. L. Cox, Ph.D.

Dr. William Cox (siteCV) is a social psychologist and is currently an assistant scientist in the department of psychology at UW-Madison. Cox’s work has focused on uncovering cultural, social, cognitive, and neural mechanisms that perpetuate stereotypes and prejudice, and leverage basic science about those mechanisms to develop and refine interventions to reduce the expression of stereotyping and prejudice. Cox argues that understanding these bias perpetuation mechanisms is key to overcoming bias, which interfaces with the awareness component of Devine’s habit model to enhance the effectiveness of long-term prejudice reduction efforts. 

An excellent article about Dr. Cox’s work that appeared in The Atlantic magazine May 13, 2017.

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