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Behind the Curtain: The Ins and Outs of Incarceration in Wisconsin
April 7, 10:15am, Borgwardt Hall

April 7, 2019
 (following the 9am service)
Borgwardt Hall, Lower Level, coffee station included

Behind the Curtain: The Ins and Outs of Incarceration in Wisconsin​
Karen Reece, PhD, Vice President, Research & Education at the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development

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Serving all and God’s world

At Bethel, an outpouring of mission and service are the natural response to the grace and mercy we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.

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Celebrating Over 160 Years

In 1853, Rev. H.A. Preus rode into Madison by horse to lead the first worship at Bethel.

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Loving One Another through faith, community and care

This is our life of discipleship, fellowship and care.  All of those ministries are in this section.

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Living Lives of Worship and Praise

Our life is focused in praise of God. Everything around our worship life is in this section.