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Behind the Curtain: The Community Cost of Incarceration
April 7, 10:15am, Borgwardt Hall

April 7, 2019
 (following the 9am service)
Borgwardt Hall, Lower Level, coffee station included

Behind the Curtain: The Community Cost of Incarceration
Karen Reece, PhD, Vice President, Research & Education at the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development

We spend over a BILLION dollars per year in Wisconsin on corrections. Do you know what your tax dollars are paying for? The prison population in Wisconsin is on the rise again and the state is deciding whether to build new prisons or send people out of state to private institutions to serve their time. While it’s been relatively easy to increase our spending on corrections, it’s not as easy to learn about where that money is going. In this session you will learn about the difference between jails and prisons, sentencing and available programming, as well as the impact of these things on individuals, families, communities, and our society as a whole. 

Karen Reece is the Vice President of Research and Education, at Nehemiah Community Development Corporation. Dr. Reece is involved in strategic planning and manages a continuous/dynamic evaluation program to ensure forward progress and quality control. She runs an annual public education workshop series on the criminal justice system highlighting racial disparities and delivers training upon request for churches, businesses, and other community organizations. Dr. Reece develops curriculum for and co-instructs “Intersection of Health Care and Incarceration”, a course offered at the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. She puts to good use the analytical skills developed in a previous career in product development in biotech. Her wide range of interests, skills and activities span science, arts (from cello to Hip-Hop!) and community building organizations.  

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