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Music Ministry


Music in Worship

Music plays an important role in Worship at Bethel. Music offers praise to God and can be exciting, inspiring, educational and consoling to the worshipper. Bethel’s worship opportunities are many and varied in style, and many people of varying gifts and talents come to offer songs of every kind in praise to God. Once you are a part of this ministry, you will find opportunities to give your talents back to God in your own unique way. As we sing and play we also grow in the family of the church, finding friendship, support, musical satisfaction and fun. Check out the possibilities below and see where you can add your musical gifts!


Bethel Choir
Adult Choir (SATB)

The Bethel Choir is a non-auditioned, liturgical ensemble open to all members ages 18 and older which serves as musical leadership for Bethel’s 9am Sunday service and other key celebrations throughout the year. Our sacred anthem repertoire spans from music of the early church to newly composed works. The Bethel Choir has sung throughout North America and Europe. 

Rehearsals: Thursdays, 7-8:30pm in the Balcony

Amy Hartsough, acting director



Creative Worship Singers
Adult Choir (SATB)

The Creative Worship Singers is a choir of men and women who have a more contemporary sound and repertoire. They sing for the 11:15am. service twice a month.

Led by Director: Katie Gerlach; Accompanist: Patrick Kenney

Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm in the Choir Room


Women’s Choir
Adult Choir (SA)

Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm in the Balcony


Worship Team
11:15am Service

The core musical ministry for the Sunday 11:15am English service, providing musical leadership for the congregation. Vocal and instrumental musicians are welcome. 

Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 7:45-8:45pm in the Sanctuary

Amy Hartsough, acting director


Gente Nueva (New People)
Instrumental & Vocal Group

The mission of this band is to lead people of God in worship and praise with Latino-style music. Gente Nueva perform primarily at the Latino worship service.


Victory Choir
Nursing Home Ministry

The mission of the Victory Choir is to sing to shut-ins primarily at Nursing Homes once a month and to take a word of encouragement to residents there.


Bethel Festival Bells
Instrumental Group

Bethel’s adult handbell ensemble is open to all members ages 18 and older. The bells provide musical leadership and meditational repertoire for Christmas, Easter,  and several other festival liturgies throughout the church year. Bethel has seven octaves of Malmark Handbells, five octaves of Schulmerich bells and five octaves of Malmark hand chimes.

Rehearsals: Sundays, 12:15-1:15pm, Room 202.

Amy Hartsough, acting director


Joyful Noise
for children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Joyful Noise is a child’s first choir experience at Bethel. We sing all types of music, learn to play handbells, and use percussion instruments too! Sometimes we wear costumes and often make our own props to go along with our songs. We’ve learned about faith by singing about frogs, computers, cars, pogo sticks, and many other things!  We sing about once a month during worship throughout the year.

Director: Jamie Henke

Accompanists: Jan Helwig, Carolyn White

Rehearsals: Sundays, 10:30-11am in Room 202a


Spirited Sound
for children in 3rd through 5th Grade

Spirited Sound (Children’s Choir) takes kids’ musical experiences at Bethel to the next level. We sing a wide range of repertoire from hymns to jazz to gospel and everything in between! We make every piece we sing our own through the addition of movement, instruments, harmonies and sometimes even shouting! Through our music-making we work together to learn how our faith affects our lives in many different ways.


Instruments at Bethel

The Sanctuary organ was originally built by Schantz Company of Orrville, Ohio, in 1963. During the 80’s and early 90’s it was enlarged in three stages to its present four-manual/74 ranks, and the console was rebuilt in 2015. It speaks from the rear gallery of the nave. 

Our prize piano at Bethel is an 85-note Steinway-B, restored in 2015 by Tim Farley. This stunning instrument is a gift of the Bethel Endowment Foundation and an anonymous donor. For years it was the favorite piano of the concert pianist and master teacher, Rudolf Ganz; it is now located in the Choir Room.

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Serving all and God’s world

At Bethel, an outpouring of mission and service are the natural response to the grace and mercy we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.

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Celebrating Over 160 Years

In 1853, Rev. H.A. Preus rode into Madison by horse to lead the first worship at Bethel.

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Loving One Another through faith, community and care

This is our life of discipleship, fellowship and care.  All of those ministries are in this section.

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Living Lives of Worship and Praise

Our life is focused in praise of God. Everything around our worship life is in this section.