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Loving one another through discipleship and care—the ways that we make community, grow in our faith, and care for all. Bethel celebrates that it is a large community. But  there are many ways to connect and get involved. Small groups, women’s circles, volunteer opportunities, education, and care giving are just some of the ways faith is lived out in this vibrant community.  



Here is our Community Team:

Meets on the 4th Monday at 6:30pm

Facilitator: Heather Moen
Council Rep: Jeanne Hrovat
Staff Rep: Pastor Martha
Carrie Bernhardt
Jacob Himmelman
Craig Gjerde
Robyn Kitson
Bonnie Orvick

Email - community@bethel-madison.org


Life Long Learning

Here is our Life Long Learning Team:

Facilitator: Betty Pohlman
Council Rep: Tom Stehr
Staff Rep: Jacqui Shanda
Cathy Buege
Kym Davick
Dan Jackson
Dave Myhre
Wilda Nilsustuen

Email - lifelonglearning@bethel-madison.org



Here is our Nurturing Team:

Meets on the 1st Sunday at 11:15am 

Facilitator: Kathy Pielage
Council Rep: Lake Locken
Staff Rep: Elisabeth Pynn Himmelman
Kris Fansler
Alice Hansen
Scott LaMontagne
Cindy Melrose
Sharon Sumner

Email - nurturing@bethel-madison.org



Here is our Serving Team:

Facilitator: Margie Czechowicz
Council Rep: Tom Pierce
Staff Rep: Pastor Margo
Cheryl Frazier
John Hueschen
Hank Starkey
Sharon Starkey
Bev Thom
Mary Lou Tyne

Email - serving@bethel-madison.org



Here is our Worshipping Team:

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm 

Facilitator: Jeanne Hilton
Council Rep: Jenee Jerome
Staff Rep: Deacon Lisa, Amy Hartsough
Todd Fansler
Marian Osterberg
Larry Veleke
Steve Young

Email - worship@bethel-madison.org

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Serving all and God’s world

At Bethel, an outpouring of mission and service are the natural response to the grace and mercy we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.

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Celebrating Over 160 Years

In 1853, Rev. H.A. Preus rode into Madison by horse to lead the first worship at Bethel.

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Loving One Another through faith, community and care

This is our life of discipleship, fellowship and care.  All of those ministries are in this section.

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Living Lives of Worship and Praise

Our life is focused in praise of God. Everything around our worship life is in this section.