Women’s Ministry

Bethel’s Women’s Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for service and fellowship. All of the women of Bethel are welcome at any and all groups and activities in the women’s ministry. Women’s Ministry at Bethel will provide opportunities to strengthen the connections that women have with God, with their church and with each other. The Women’s Coordinating Council oversees this ministry.

Women's Ministry Groups PDF

Women’s Coordinating Council

Women’s Coordinating Council (WCC) is an assembly of the leaders of all of the groups that are a part of the Women’s Ministry at Bethel: our circles, blanket group, church ladies, women’s choir and prayer shawls. WCC meets four times a year. Members of Women’s Coordinating Council plan events and projects so that all groups can participate

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Women’s Ministry Groups & Circles

All of the women of Bethel are welcome at any and all groups and activities in the Women’s Ministry! Come and see what we are about. We’d love for you to join us. Contact WCC President Kris Fansler for more information about groups and activities within the women’s ministry. The Blanket Workshop women share in

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Women’s Ministry Projects

Donations are welcomed by women’s ministry. Here is a list of items that would be appreciated to help support the women’s ministry. Clean out a closet, help the earth with recycling, and put your items to good use at Bethel. Money raised with these donations funds our projects to support Bethel and to help people

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Lutheran World Relief Kits

Today and every day, Lutheran World Relief Quilts and Kits of Care give families around the world some of life’s essentials, as well as a reminder that they are not alone. From chronic poverty and conflict to drought and typhoon, the intensity of humanitarian needs continues to increase. Your quilts and kits are urgently needed!

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Tracking Results for Bethel’s Quilts and Kits

By the use of tracking labels, Bethel’s Quilt and Kit donations are monitored to see where they are distributed. It takes several months after the kits are loaded on the train to Minnesota to receive tracking data. The tracking results that follow show where some of our kits and quilts have been distributed. These results

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LWR Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund

The cost to ship the kits, quilts and soap donated in 2018 by our Bethel congregation totaled $1,507. LWR spends around $1.3 million to operate this shipping program. Those funds, combined with the generosity of donors, ensure LWR has the resources needed to move these items around the world. Donating toward the Lutheran World Relief Quilt and

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