Women’s Circles

All of the women of Bethel are welcome at any and all groups and activities in the Women’s Ministry! Come and see what we are about. We’d love for you to join us. Contact WCC President Kris Fansler for more information about groups and activities within the women’s ministry.

A Circle is a small group of women who meet monthly for Christian fellowship. A circle offers women a community of friends within our large church.

Most circles do a short Bible study together at their meetings. In addition, there is plenty of time for talking, laughing, and enjoying a sweet treat. Some circles meet at church and some meet in their homes.

The circles at Bethel have a variety of special mission projects, service programs or unique ways to be involved in our community.

If you sign in to “Realm” on the Bethel website, you can see a description of each circle and see a photo of the members. If you know of a circle you would like to join, just call or email the circle president. We are always happy for an opportunity to welcome new members into one of our women’s circles.

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