Friendship Club

The Bethel Friendship Club meets at 6:15pm on the second Friday night of each month from October-June. Most meetings are in Bethel’s Borgwardt Hall, with the annual June picnic at Lakeview Park in Middleton.

Prospective new members must call to reserve dinner no later than Tuesday noon preceding the Friday program. Continuing members will be called each month by a calling committee. Dinner cost is $12 per Club member and $15 per non-member. Dinner cancellations will be honored until Tuesday noon prior to the Friday meeting. Cancellations after this time will be charged the dinner fee, to ensure our costs are covered but carry-outs are available. Members will be assigned to serve at one meal per year.

Members will pay a modest $10 per person per year to help pay for programs and expenses. At the end of the year, a gift or campership will be given to Bethel Horizons if the Club has excess funds. Please use the form in the brochure below to mail your dues in.