Tracking Results for Bethel’s Quilts and Kits

By the use of tracking labels, Bethel’s Quilt and Kit donations are monitored to see where they are distributed. It takes several months after the kits are loaded on the train to Minnesota to receive tracking data. The tracking results that follow show where some of our kits and quilts have been distributed. These results will be updated as more information becomes available. Your donations are making an impact all around the world!


  • Zimbabwe received Baby Care Kits and School Kits
  • Rwanda, Nicaragua and Djibouti received School Kits
  • Ukraine received Quilts
  • Iraq received Personal Care Kits


  • Ukraine received Quilts
  • Mauritania received Quilts, Baby Care Kits and Personal Care Kits
  • El Salvador received Baby Care Kits
  • Honduras received School Kits


  • Peru received Baby Care Kits
  • Burkina Faso received Quilts, Baby Care Kits and Personal Care Kits
  • Bosnia received School Kits and Personal Care Kits


  • Angola received Quilts
  • Mali received School Kits
  • Haiti received Personal Care Kits