LWR Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund

The cost to ship the kits, quilts and soap donated in 2018 by our Bethel congregation totaled $1,507. LWR spends around $1.3 million to operate this shipping program. Those funds, combined with the generosity of donors, ensure LWR has the resources needed to move these items around the world. Donating toward the Lutheran World Relief Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund provides another way to support Lutheran World Relief. There are a couple of ways to donate. The link below will take you to the Lutheran World Relief website where donations can be made online. Credit cards are accepted.


Checks can also be written out to Bethel, with “LWR Shipping” written on the memo line.

Please consider this opportunity to support the LWR Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund. Donating to the shipping fund will help ensure that the gifts created by others can reach those who need them most.