Youth Quake (9-12th Graders)

Youth Quake: every Sunday night; 5-7pm

In Bethel’s high school youth group, Youth Quake, there are no questions that are “off-limits”. There’s no policing about what you can wear or about how you can express yourself. There’s no judgment, shame, or pressure. There’s only grace. And a ton of it. Because grace comes from God, which means it’s unlimited. This group has been life-changing for the young people who have been part of it. Come to be seen for who you are, celebrated for who God made you to be, and loved as a member of this community.

High School Youth Quake

High School Youth Quake

Sundays from 5-7pm

High School Youth Quake meets Sunday nights from 5-7pm!

Who are we? Good question. At church and in all things Youth Quake, we value being:

Real: We all get to be who we really are here. We’re accepted unconditionally because of who God created us to be.

Relational: There’s nothing better than opportunities to get to know each other for who we really are. It’s all about relationships.

Beloved: When you show up here we want you to know you matter – to this community and to God. Faith in God’s mercy, grace, hope, and love are the context for everything.

A Place of Welcome: Adolescence is tough enough. Come here and take a load off. As a result of radical hospitality, we hope to see the Kingdom of God at work in the world.

BLC Youth Medical Release Form

BLC Youth Medical Release Form

Complete the BLC Youth Medical Release Form (fillable PDF) for any outings, retreats, or trips you will attend. Turn it in once and it is valid for one year from date of submission.

Contact if you are unsure if it is on file.

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