2019 Caring for Social Justice Schedule

Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Caring for Social Justice (C4SJ) is sponsoring a six-hour workshop on “Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System” in a 3-sesssion series presented by Dr. Karen Reece during the education hour on Oct 13, 20, & Nov 3. This will allow us to delve into a critical issue in our community in a depth that is not possible in a one-hour forum.

Oct 13 at 10:15am in Borgwardt Hall
Session I: Mass Incarceration Defined: What’s the Problem? will draw on Dr. Reece’s professional experience and keen insights to lay the groundwork for the series with an overview of incarceration in the U.S. as the basis for understanding how we arrived at the criminal justice system we live with now and the consequences to our communities and to our social fabric.

Oct 20 at 10:15am in Borgwardt Hall
Session II: The Prison System: Purpose and Programming
Karen will address the complex policies and practices that make negotiating the prison system so difficult and confusing. What are the consequences of truth-in-sentencing laws, massive overcrowding and untreated mental health problems in a system designed for punishment, not treatment? The public perception of the criminal justice system is largely based on outdated assumptions and stereotypes as actual incarceration realities occur outside public view. Today’s session will help us understand the circumstances that can thwart offenders’ best efforts and what needed programs are or are not in place.

Nov 3 at 10:15am in Borgwardt Hall
Session III: Community Corrections: Life after Prison
Karen will acquaint us with the disheartening challenges the formerly incarcerated face as they try to begin life anew. How has “community corrections” changed what was probation, parole and extended supervision? Dr. Karen Reece will describe some of the surprisingly legal stumbling blocks to reentry. Did you know, for instance, that a person living in the community can be returned to prison without due process or without being convicted of a new crime?

Some of the challenges to rejoining the community are the daily indignities and well-ingrained social barriers to housing, employment, education, and training. Of course, old friends and temptations can also deter them. With a better-informed perspective, this session will provide new insights on “social justice” in the criminal justice system.

Please note the schedule difference for this workshop series ONLY: Each session will be 2 hours; you may attend one or all; childcare provided.

Karen Reece, PhD, is VP of Research and Education at Nehemiah Community Development Corporation. Dr. Reece does strategic planning and manages a continuous evaluation program for Nehemiah Center. She brings to this position analytical skills developed in product development in a previous career as well as an expansive range of skills, activities, and interests spanning science, arts, and community-building organizations. Reece does considerable public education on the criminal justice system, frequently with workshops like this one.

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