Caring For Creation (C4C)

Educational Forum and Discussion Series at 7:30pm on Tuedays, as listed, Online

The shared vision of the two programs, Caring for Creation (C4C) and Caring for Social Justice (C4SJ) derives from the 4 Harmonies of the Bethel Bible Series: to live in harmony with the environment, others, ourselves and God. As Lutheran Christians, we are called to care for others and for the Earth.

Leadership Group: Ashley Becker, Todd Fansler, Faith Fitzpatrick, David Knuti, Sigrid Knuti, Rob Kohlhepp, John & Giselz Kutzbach, Wilda Nilsestuen, Tom Solheim

C4C events this year will connect climate responsibilities and social justice. Why? Caring for creation includes humanity in all its hues, conditions, and locales. Human decisions, policies and actions critically impact the safety of our environment and our collective future. And damage wrought by climate change and pandemics falls most heavily on the poor and the powerless.

Caring for Creation

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2022 Caring for Creation Schedule

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