Wisconsin’s Fresh Water Is Getting Salty – Nov 24

Nov 24 at 10:15am in Borgwardt Hall
Wisconsin’s Fresh Water Is Getting Salty
Hilary Dugan, Assistant Professor, UW-Madison Center for Limnology

Our common dependence on water in all its uses – personal, commercial, recreational – make Wisconsin waters a concern for all of us: a resource crucial to a sustainable future.

Caring for Creation (C4C) is hosting a forum at Bethel on Nov 24 (Borgwardt Hall, 10:15am) that will focus on one aspect of these concerns. Hilary Dugan, assistant professor at the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, will present “Wisconsin’s Freshwater Is Getting Salty.” Road salt is often thought of as an “environmentally safe” chemical. However, at high concentrations, chloride can alter aquatic ecosystems by stressing freshwater species, and by deteriorating drinking water sources. For 70+ years, we have applied road salt to paved surfaces, without any regard for the environmental consequences. This forum will focus on long-term chloride trends and the state of our lakes in Wisconsin with regard to chloride contamination.

Dugan will identify what lakes are at risk, and what is currently being done locally in Madison and Wisconsin to curtail further environmental damage. As a limnologist, Hilary studies how terrestrial and atmospheric changes, such as warming air temperatures or land use patterns, alter biogeochemical fluxes and aquatic processes in lakes. Her research balances field-based programs with analytical models, and the application of geophysical and geospatial tools.

This is one of five forums C4C will offer this year. The full schedule is available in the current C4C/C4SJ brochure, at the reception desk and online at www.bethel-madison.org/caring-creation.

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