Seeing the Bible Again for the Very First Time – Sept 18, 25; Oct 9, 16 & 23

Sept 18 & 25; Oct 9, 16 & 23 from 5:30-7pm
Led by Pam Shellberg
Childcare and Dinner provided

Sept 18:
How the Bible Came to Be (or, Scrapbooking Our Misty-Watercolored Memories)
Sept 25: Old and New Testaments (God’s Text Messages: OMG, ILY, BFF, and <3)
Oct 9: Thinking about Reading before Thinking about Reading the Bible
Oct 16: Mind the Gap / Form Follows Function
Oct 23: T/truth and Spiritual Imagination

How do you see the Bible? What does it represent to you? When you reach for it – if you reach for it – what do you expect to find? What do you hope to find? If you don’t reach for it, what is your hesitation?

We won’t be doing a deep dive into any particular Biblical book or text, but we will be chasing down – together – the questions that come up when we earnestly think about what we’re doing when we read the Bible.

Come and be a part of conversations about the Bible as a scrapbook or God’s text messages, about gaps in stories and how our spiritual imagination fills them, and about how the Bible shapes our ideas about T/truth.

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