Nancy Giffey Art Show “Teshuvah in the Time of Covid” – Now-June 30

Now-June 30 in the Emmaus Hallway Gallery

The title of Nancy’s exhibit is “Teshuvah in the Time of Covid”. In her words, “Teshuvah is Hebrew for Return, a Spiritual Return. Each piece of art is in some way related to a Psalm or Biblical quotation. The pieces are not illustrations: each was inspired by a state of mind, or an emotion. After they were completed, I searched for the words that fit each piece of art, not the other way around.”

Meet the Artist will be on May 15 at 10:15am in the GS Chapel. 

Artist Statement:
The mixed media art in this exhibit has been created during a time of world pandemic, social and political division, and mourning for the future of Mother Earth. In my youthful years of work in theater, social activism, hope, and belief in a more equitable future,I could not have imagined the challenges we face today.

Although the title of each piece of art in this exhibit is related to a psalm or quote from scripture, these pieces are Not illustrations. They represent an emotion or state of mind. Only after the art was completed, was I free to contemplate each image and to discover connections to the personal study, spiritual contemplation, and reading I had been engaged in for a number of years.

Teshuvah is the Hebrew term for Return; a spiritual return to the complex mystery of our relationship with the Unseen; “Hashem”, the One within which everything is contained. All of us, with our differences, ethnicities, religious paths, and our humanity.

Several years ago, my husband, David Giffey exhibited some of his portable Icons at Bethel. David has painted Icon Murals for Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches here and in Greece. We have been together for over forty years. Our journey has helped each of us to accept and to better understand ourselves, one another, and the complex Judeo- Christian relationship we share in its many iterations.

Artist Biography:
Nancy Giffey received Bachelor’s and Masters’s Degrees, and Teacher Certifications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department. After choosing to leave the public school system, she designed and taught programs that addressed the needs of immigrant and ethnically diverse children, families, and individuals with special needs. Arts for Understanding programs served South Madison Neighborhood Center- Boys and Girls Club, immigrant families in the Triangle Community, East High School’s Higher Ground program, Pediatric wards, and low-income adults with physical and mental health challenges. Awards for Arts for Understanding programs include the YWCA Woman of Distinction award for Service to Community, Honored Community Artist award from Arts Wisconsin, Liesel Blockstein award in support of racial and cultural understanding, and Community Service award from Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission. Nancy’s mixed media art and paintings have received awards, been exhibited in museums and galleries, and have been commissioned for public spaces.

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