Meet the Artist: Cathy Sue Stevens (Now-Feb 29)

Bethel is so blessed to have Cathy Sue Stevens’ exhibits at Bethel. Please enjoy Cathy’s amazing work on display in the Fireside Room and on the Emmaus Gallery Wall.

365 Days from My Home Away from Home

is a collection of photographs in, from & around my half-acre yard. I would ask, “LORD, what do you want me to see today?” I would explore or ‘treasure hunt’ & take several pictures & choose the one I found most appealing, creative & colorful. This exhibit is a sampling of some of my best photos for 365 days.

This is an image of a House Finch that hit my window on 1-14-2012. It allowed me to pick him up, so he could rest awhile. That is when I took the picture. When he regained some balance I let him go. It is an amazing wonder to see a wild bird so closely.

The photo was taken with a Sanyo VPC-E2100. It has a 21X zoom lens.

Order with a Flair is my most recent artwork of quilt square collage.

As an artist & art teacher I have ‘my collection’ of art supplies, just in case, I come up with a ‘great’ idea.

I have attempted numerous times over the years the art of quilting. The sewing aspect needed some inspiration & accuracy I struggled with. Quilting is an art that has often intrigued me. I love the colors & patterns. Since I had difficulty creating those balanced squares with a machine I came up with the idea of setting up the designs 12”x12” paper. I had a book from my art library called – On to Square Two.

Now, I have found an enjoyable way to make the patterns out of re-purposed materials that I have collected. I have always found symmetry, balance and order a concept in art that speaks to me of those times in my life when I need it in my circumstances.

“For all the earth is the LORD’S & He has set the world in order.” 1 Samuel 2: 8.

“Be my rock of safety where I can always hide. Give the order to save me, for You are my rock & my fortress.” Psalm 71: 3.

I set-up the square with a pencil and ruler. I use templates-I cut & glue all the pieces together from my collection of materials. I have incorporated paper, cloth, ribbon, beads, buttons, printmaking, etc. to create some whimsical, fanciful & colorful pieces. I use plant life from my home & yard for printmaking.

This is a quilt collage called ‘Aunt Dinah.” Repurposing materials is my specialty. The center is a gift box sent from acquaintances from Japan. Inside the box is from a wedding invitation. I used gold wrapping paper & lace for edging.

Printmaking mint leaves from one of my many flowerbeds are worked throughout. Construction paper, paint sample paper, & remnants of old material make up the rest of it. An added accent is the turquoise beads which came from a ‘Mardi Gras’ necklace.

Artist Statement: 

Oh, No! I Lost My Job! I was an elementary art teacher for several years at a local private school. Because of budget cuts, I lost my beloved job. So, I asked the LORD, “Now, what do I do?” In answer to my prayers, some results of my art are on display in Bethel Lutheran’s galleries this January & February 2020.

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