A New Song in an Ancient Land – Bethel Series Ministry in China – Feb 20

Feb 20 at 10:30am in the Pentecost Room

Rev. Qiu has taught the Bethel Series to over 1,000 pastors in mainland China mostly in secret at great personal risk to everyone, starting with Lin himself. These 1,000 trained Bethel Series pastors have taken their Bethel Series training to their congregations where it is taught in secret, sometimes at 3:30am. Today, people are in prison for allowing the Bethel Series to be taught in their churches. Today, Christians are arrested when caught taking the Bethel Series. As Rev. Qiu has been unable to visit China, he is teaching the Bethel Series in Chinese to Chinese American pastors.

There are important Bethel connections starting in 2005 when Rev. Qiu attended the Bethel Series Teacher Training Seminar at Bethel and translated the Bethel Series into Mandarin Chinese. More recently in 2021, the Bethel Endowment Foundation has granted scholarship funds to help Chinese American Churches offer the Bethel Series to their congregations.

Rev. Lin Qiu will briefly introduce the situation of Christianity in China. He will focus on the current situation of persecution faced by the Chinese church, and then, will introduce the development of the Bethel Series Ministry in China.

Rev. Lin Qiu Biography:
Rev. Lin Qiu was born in Beijing, China. He graduated from Renmin University of China, Chinese Culture Academy, and was a college teacher in Beijing before 1989. In 1991, he became a believer in the Chinese Lutheran Church in Honolulu and got theological training at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was called by ELCA to St. Paul, Minnesota to establish the Minnesota Chinese Lutheran Church in 1998. He translated the Bethel Series from English to Chinese, then taught the Bethel Series as a missionary pastor in Communist China since 2005, mostly in secret.  For 16 years, through his ministry, the Bethel Series has blessed more than 1,000 Chinese pastors and their churches.

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