Community Corrections: Life after Prison – Nov 3

10:15am-12:15pm; Borgwardt Hall

The third and final session ofRacial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System” workshop brings us to more challenges faced by the formerly incarcerated as they try to rejoin the community. Dr. Karen Reece will lead us through the new terms, practices, and conditions that describe what community corrections means and how it varies per locality and per supervising officer.

We will learn how and why it is legal to:

  • return to prison a person living in the community without due process.
  • return to prison by revoking his/her community supervision a person who has not been convicted of a new crime.

This is the experience of more than half of the 9,000 people entering Wisconsin prisons each year.

We will consider some of the daily indignities and stumbling blocks faced by those starting over, encompassing the familiar and less familiar challenges to success. E.g.,

  • Distrustful families and children who have felt disappointed and abandoned.
  • Closed doors to employment and housing.
  • Limited access to training or more education.
  • Old friends and temptations that draw them back to destructive habits or companions.

Karen Reece, PhD, is VP of Research and Education at Nehemiah Community Development Corporation. Dr. Reece does strategic planning and manages a continuous evaluation program for Nehemiah Center. She brings to this position analytical skills developed in product development in a previous career as well as an expansive range of skills, activities, and interests spanning science, arts, and community-building organizations. Reece does considerable public education on the criminal justice system, frequently with workshops like this one.

Childcare is provided. 

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