Bible Study Immersion: New Testament (Weds)

Pastor Mike is offering a new twelve-week Bethel Bible Immersion class on the New Testament. Classes will be at 10:30am. Bethel Bible Immersion classes take a deep dive into the study of the Bible. Relying on the latest findings in archaeology and scholarly research, Bible Study Immersion: New Testament will clear away centuries of fog to give you a fresh and exciting look at the New Testament. Aided by assigned readings, some homework, maps, and group discussions students of the Bible will develop a new love for the scriptures and find new ways to hear God speak.

People who have taken the Bethel Bible Series classes find Bible Study Immersion to be a good next step.

Bible Study Immersion: New Testament will last twelve weeks and will be organized with the following outline:

1. Ancient Jewish Background
2. Greco-Roman Context
3. Mark—Jesus the Suffering Son of God
4. Matthew—Jesus the Jewish Messiah
5. Luke—Jesus the Savior of the World
6. John—Jesus the Man from Heaven
7. The Acts of the Apostles
8. Paul—Man, Mission, and Method
9. Paul and the Crises of His Churches
10. Paul’s Major Letters
11. The Pastoral Epistles
12. The Book of Revelation

Registration is required in order to help Bethel order the proper number of books and materials.

Immersion Registration

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