All Saints Sunday

Sunday, November 6


On November 6, at the 9am and 10:30am worship services. Bethel offers a one-of-a-kind worship experience where we remember and celebrate the lives of people of faith, living and passed. A “saint” is not some spiritual super hero or holier-than-thou persona. A “saint” is simply a person who has been drawn into the mystery and reality of Jesus’ resurrected life. All who are baptized into his living spirit are “Saints”. 

As we gather together on November 6 in the sanctuary, worship will be wrapped in wondrous light with streams of white. Special care has been taken to infuse the space with a heavenly air and mood. 

Because All Saints Sunday brings with it the memory of loved ones passed, worship will begin with an honoring of those beloved people. You are welcome, even encouraged, to gather in the sanctuary before worship begins to write the name of a loved one who has passed recently or long ago. A “Book of Life” will be laid-out at the front of the church for you to record your loved ones’ names. You are also invited and encouraged to light a candle and place it in the box filled with sand in memory of someone, a saint living or past.

Come early. Stay late. Bask in the pure white glow of a service that is like heaven on earth.


Member deaths (since last All Saints Day):

Gary Robert Broge, Gene Summ, Jane Evans, Cheryl Lu Tesnow, Gordan E. May, Marty Clarke, Donna Suby, Bruce Roberts, Emrick S. Espelien, Zelda Droster, Robert H. Benson, John W Hilton (Chico), Dorothy Mott, Shirley Dokken, Muriel Jevne, John G. Nicka, Lu Westervelt, Karl Marquardt, Harold LeRoy Cushman, Aimee Biba, Barbara Espeseth, Warren Stolper, Daniel Gerland, Marion Urich, William (Bill) Kube, Marian Mylrea, Hope Bakken, Renate Madsen, Linda Clauder, Elvera (Ellie) V. Berg, Linda Louise Pauls, Lawrence Schantz, Roger Tietz, Gerald L. Sheskey, Eunice M. Peterson, Cheryl Dee Beecher, Joan R. Borgwardt-Halverson, John Luther, Jean Erickson, Eugene Woehler, Larry Brackett, Virginia Johnson.


Member baptisms (since last All Saints Day):

Sienna Kay Hansen, Nathan Marshall Baker, Natalie Ann Baker, Annelise Ross, Sloan Ashe Montgomery, Lane Taylor Dewey, John Bernard Philip Schmitthenne,  Wade Alan Budde, McCoy Blake Miller, Dominic John Breidenbach, Letizia Marigold Webber, Willow Kenney-Brown, Dylan Torlief Koller, Maddilynn Jeannette Forrer, Oliver Scott Mulich, Daria Morgan Tracy.  

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