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Wed @ 6:30 through Oct 25

FREEING JESUS is one of those books you don’t know you need until you open
it. The book challenges one-way thinking about Jesus — that there’s one kind of
Jesus and one kind of relationship we’re supposed to have with him. Written as
personal memoir, author and theologian Diana Butler Bass invites us to
rediscover Jesus as Friend, Teacher, Savior, Lord, Presence and Way. Those
who knew Jesus best called him Teacher and Jesus asked his disciples to call
him Friend. Yet many today insist that Jesus is only Savior — a term that
appears only twice in the Gospels. Growing our relationship with Jesus starts
with freeing Jesus to be who he really is and wants to be with us. When we do
that, we free ourselves to experience him when we need a Friend. Or a Teacher.
Or a guiding Presence. In short, in all of life’s moments.

Join facilitator Mimi Troutman on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in Sacred
Grounds for a 6-week discussion of FREEING JESUS. Books will be provided.
Email with questions.

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