Pastor Margo R. Martens

Visitation Pastor (part-time)

608.257.3577 x335

Pastor Margo R. Martens graduated from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, doing her undergraduate work at Mankato State in Mankato, MN. Undergraduate majors were music, French and history. South Dakota and Minnesota are the places that nurtured her for most of her life-years, being a mom to 5 sons, one of whom is of Chinese descent, coming to the United States from the war in Viet Nam. As a stay-at-home mom during those years, Margo also served as organist/choir director at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in New Ulm, MN. Seminary studies came after all those years.

She has served parishes in Volin, SD., Stoughton, WI and Cooksville, WI., as the full-time pastor under call, in addition to a variety of interim ministry positions within the South Central Synod of Wisconsin. Margo moved to the Madison area of Wisconsin in 1999 in order to be available to her aging (now-deceased) parents. Serving as the part-time visitation pastor with Bethel, her primary responsibilities focus on the needs of our members who are unable, for a variety of reasons, to worship with us.

Pastor Margo’s five sons (Peter, Erich, Karl, Seng, and Mark) live with their families, scattered from Portland, OR to Boston, MA. Twelve grandchildren (10 girls, 2 boys) offer the inexplicable delight of short-term visits which provide the basis for knowing, face-to-face, God’s gift of these young ones who will carry forward the richness of our family’s hopes and dreams, as well as the joys and sorrows, so that God’s blessings reach beyond each of our tiny life paths.

Flowers, stitching, a library-too-large to be practical and time at the piano are some of Margo’s passions.

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